Sunday, February 26, 2012

Card of the Day - Swooping Crow

This week's cards are a response to Bob's Challenge.  I have made my common aggro creatures.  Enjoy!  Today's card is blue's entry, which is good at being control-y in a black/blue deck, but is also awesome aggro in a monoblue deck. I pushed this one quite a bit.

Edit: 2 possible fixes.  Both are more reasonable, but less aggro-y.


  1. I think this way too powerful, especially at common. Blue almost never gets 2+ power flying creatures for 2 mana, even at rare. Proof:!u+pow%3D2+cmc%3D2&v=card&s=cname

    everyone actually has drawbacks to being vanilla 2 power fliers, or requires extra mana to activate flying in some way.

    On top of that you've added flash and a very powerful static ability.

    I could see something like 1U, 2/1 flying, flash. Creatures your opponent control with flying have first strike.

    It gives a very relevant drawback given the your creature will die if they have fliers, but gets to be a 2 power flash evasion creature that you can eot while holding counter magic/removal.

    1. I am glad you decided to join in on the challenge though. also thanks for the shout out.

  2. How about "Whenever a spell or ability targets a black creature you control, change it to ~." and make him a 1/1. Still would have interesting playability. I really do like the flavor.

  3. Also, Flash and Flying need their own lines, see Dewdrop Spy.