Monday, November 5, 2012

Card of the Day - Control Undead

Another avenue we could go with is using different schools of magic as spell subtypes.  I've only made Necromancy (black) and Illusion (blue) spells so far, but this could easily be expanded into other colors.  Evocation for red is a bit obvious.  I like that each school focuses on one color, but could have maybe one card of a different color for fun.  If anyone has ideas for White and Green, post here please.


  1. Let's break it down by school:

    Abjuration: White (re: Shield of Faith)
    Conjuration: Blue/Green (re: Fabricate/Summon Monster)
    Divination: Blue/Black (re: Ponder/Thoughtpicker Witch)
    Enchantment: White/Blue (re: Mesa Enchantress/Mind Control)
    Evocation: Red (re: every red spell ever)
    Illusion: Blue (re: Phantasmal Bear et al)
    Necromancy: Black (re: above)
    Transmutation: Green/White (re: Giant Growth/Angelic Destiny)

    Hope that helps. Though, now I miss playing D&D

  2. This is really cool. Tapping into schools of magic when trying to capture the flavor of dungeon-crawling adventures like Dungeons and Dragons is a great idea considering the game itself is about casting spells and is called Magic. =B

  3. I guess this could go into the "Why have they never done this before?" camp.