Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Card of the Day - Elgad the Gooey

Thought I'd make a 12/12 for 12 in honor of this special date.  Did you know that this is the last time we'll see a date that has all matching numbers until 2101?


  1. Hmm. 12/12 for 12 is awesome. So is being able to choose any number and drawing that many cards. But what makes me go, "Hrm..." is the disconnect between the big body and the ability to have a ton of cards in your hand. I can't make the flavorful connection, let alone any mechanical one. Does this ooze expand as large as it wants? If so, shouldn't its body display expanding, too?

    1. I see your point. I just wanted to make a huge effect on a huge creature. The flavor on this guy is nonexistent.