Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Card of the Day - Inspiring Denial

So... Cancel costs 1UU, Dismiss costs 2UU, This costs 3UU.  Seems right.


  1. Cool! With a card design as simple as this, I would want a name that is more evocative of why two cards are being drawn. But that's less on design and more on creative - and being a little nitpicky.

    1. Help me out here! What's a better name?

    2. You're right, Olaf! I didn't give any suggestions to go along with my critique!

      You know, if Second Thoughts wasn't already a card, I would suggest that. I'm trying to think of names that have to do with the number two. Think Twice already exists. Double Take is already a card.

      Checking It Twice? ...Too convoluted.
      On the Double? Double Down?
      Two Shakes ...Too undescriptive.
      Wait a second... Wait a Second! But I feel like that's more of a "it happens once then again" like a Flashback card or a Rebound card. Or a Suspend 1 card.
      Maybe something related to an echo?

      And remember that humans have a lot of things that come in pairs. ...Whoa, a pair! Hmm...

      A Pair Ently? ...That's not helpful at all.

      O.K., I'm done brainstorming. Hopefully, this has become leverage for you to further brainstorm for the right name.

      If I were to pick one of the ones I suggested, I would pick "Double Down." Though the phrase means something entirely different, the "double" refers to your cards and the "down" refers to you putting down the spell.

    3. I went with an homage to Inspiration originally, but I think there's a better option. Double Down is (I believe) an Unglued card. How about Null Drift, as an homage to Mulldrifter?

      One more, with no homage: Clever Retort.

    4. Inspiration did come to my mind with the Inspiring Denial, so your intended homage did work!

      Double Down isn't a card! =) Perhaps you were thinking of Double Dip: http://magiccards.info/ug/en/3.html

      Null Drift seems too much of a stretch. Actually, the "mull" part is what draws you cards while the "drift" refers to the fish body itself flying and/or evoking.

      Perhaps Inspiring Denial would do. It just seems odd to get inspiration from a denial. Inspirational Denial? Ah, well. =)

    5. Actually, Clever Retort is pretty nice!