Sunday, January 20, 2013

Card of the Day - Marduk the Merciless

This guy is nuts.  Srsly.  I don't know how well his card will be received, but DANG!  What a loon!  Probably the only 0 cost Planeswalker ever.  Probably.

Edit:  here's the suggestion in card form.  I'm not sure if -X is ok for 0 mana, but he's pretty fragile, so it's probably fine.


  1. his second ability should be -x. the colorless control is an extremely limited ability against most decks, and without use of that all he can ever be is an easily destroyable land

    1. I see your point, but I don't want him to be too powerful for the 0 cost. Sometimes he just a colorless lotus petal, but he can be so much more.

    2. maybe you could stretch the planeswalker bounds and make all his abilities take away loyalty counters (at activation). tack a -1 on his first ability and he can only grow on certain turns. he'd still effective as a single mana boost early on, but there'd be a big incentive to play him later when your defenses are set up and you can actually cast enough spells to have him grow

    3. then the minus -x wouldn't be unreasonable at all. it would require finesse to execute properly but still be super useful against non-artifact heavy decks

    4. The problem with making the first ability a -1 is that he would die before you could put other counters on him. I like that he's almost "just" a fragile mana source for 0. It puts him in a unique position to be played as such.