Monday, August 5, 2013

Card of the Day - Viromancer's Training

The black Training is really powerful.  I originally has it cost 1B, but changed it because it can easily wipe the board.  This is probably the most powerful of the cycle.


  1. cycle seems like it is designed for limited, but grandeur is a very weak mechanic for limited. this could be flame wave and it would still be weak

  2. I like this idea. 1B won't be too bad as it would be a two card pyroclasm. Just make the Grandeur ability at sorcery speed. 1B for deathtouch would also be a fine card in limited. I think this is well designed.

  3. The reason I gave it the 2B cost is I don't want it picked highly. The grandeur cards work well if you can get a few of them, and the fact that it should go as a later pick to most people makes it a powerful card if you get a few. If one person picks all of a specific grandeur card in one draft, they could feasibly have 5 or 6 in a draft deck.

    In sealed, though, it's probably hanging out on the sidelines unless you get 2.