Saturday, January 4, 2014

Card of the Day - Brenish Hunter

This is a staple G/W common that would need to exist in a world where snow is a big deal. I like the way that hybrid and snow work together to make a pseudo-sixth color feasible in limited environments.  Also, I just found an awesome snow watermark that could go on every snow card.  I think it looks cool.


  1. Woah hey hey! I had a similar idea a while ago over here:

    I like your implementation more, though. I realized soon after I finished that mini-set that only counting snow lands was a bit too narrow (compared to landfall), and even ratcheting up the abilities doesn't offset the difficulty of consistently achieving 'snowfall'. It's simply more fun to have your cool ability trigger more often, even if (comparably) the ability is worse. It's also more reliable.

    So uh, in other words: I like your card. (:

    1. Thanks! Snowfall is one of the core mechanics of the set I've been designing for the last few years, Frostmere.