Friday, March 30, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 16 notes

Hey there Beaconeers! 

Last week's design challenge had quite a few submissions, and we didn't have enough time on the show to go over them so Ive made a mockup of each submission.

The  host/augment challenge last week was to make a common or uncommon planeswalker that appeals to Johnnies/Jennys and wouldn't be liked by Timmies/Tammies.  I've listed them all here, with creator credits on the artist line.

The most interesting trends that I noticed on these cards is that they all have only one or two loyalty abilities and most of them are not Legendary. Only one of them has an ability that adds counters. This group gives us a great idea of what planeswalkers could look like at lower rarites.

Our worldbuilding challenge was to make commons that highlight the five mechanincs of Castmire, our custom set.

These five cards each interact with gates.  Two of them are gates themselves, two give you a bonus if you're playing with gates, and one of them punishes opponents who are playing gates.

It's strange how designers design cards that are similar.  Melonbomb and I both designed a "shade" card.  I like his design better, though.  The flavor of Shady Past is perfect.

Speaking of parallel design.  Bradley Wilson and I made almost the same card this time around.  Mine is probably undercosted and his is probably overcosted, but maybe a 1W or 2W creature with a version of this ability will be in our final set file.

I really enjoy Brad's cycle of artifacts.  They all trigger from one of the five mechanics in the set.

I'm really enjoying the direction that Haunt is taking in Castmire. These cards all do something a little different with Haunt, and I think there is a lot of cool design space that we haven't explored yet, too.

I'm also enjoying investigate in Castmire, as well.  It's a really nice smoothing mechanic, and can easily replace cantrips in the set.  It gets bonus points for it making tokens that you can interact with in interesting ways..

Next week's challenges:

Host/Augment: Has to have Kaya's Name in the title/ planeswalker deck specific card.

Worldbuilding: Cycle of common creatures that live outside the mansion; like the guy who clears the gutters, or whatever.

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  1. Kaya's Familiar 1W
    Creature - Spirit Cat
    Kaya Planeswalkers cost you 1 less to cast

    Chimblysweep 2
    Artifact Creature - Construct (C)
    1, T: Untap target land

    Doorknocker 3
    Artifact Creature - Construct
    1, T: Untap another target artifact.

    Lamplighter 4
    Artifact Creature - Construct
    1, T: Untap another target creature