Friday, June 15, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 26 Notes

Hey there Beaconeers,

Our creature grid is done! 

You can check out the final version here.

When designing creatures in the future, remember to stay within the creature grid as much as possible.  They are some exceptions, but moving forward, these are going to be the basic creature types we use a lot of.

I also forgot to post the style guide submissions from last week (sorry!) Check the bottom of last week's post for those links.


Due Monday, July 18 by 7pm Pacific time:

Host + Augment Challenge

    Multicolor Dwarf with no power or toughness that cares about precombat and/or postcombat main phases that is from a set that’s a top-down Viking world with black-aligned Gods.
- Can use only a portion of these, but more challenging, the more restrictions you decide to use

Castmire Worldbuilding Challenge:

    Design a vanilla creature, a virtual vanilla creature, and French vanilla creature, and a virtual French vanilla creature; all set in the world of Castmire.
- Haunt, investigate, and detain are the keywords we are using

Due Monday, July 25th by 7pm Pacific time:

Host + Augment

Host: Brad’s, using a suggestion from Twitter:
From Trevor Cashmore (@InanimateGames, of Goblin Artisans)
“A common non-Aura enchantment.”
Augment: Adam: Must cost only one mana

Castmire Worldbuilding Challenge:

Vote on the twist you want to see in Castmire here.

Here are the cards done by Rifken on the last episode. I changed some of them for clarity and rules interactions and added names, creatures types, etc for the incomplete ones. If you remember what challenges they are for, let us know!

Bonus!  Here's the full card that I did this week - with art!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 25 Notes

Hey there Beaconeers!

This week's challenge (due Monday June 11 at 7pm Pacific):


Something silver-bordered that isn't dice rolling that uses twobrid for a good reason. (Thanks to Chris Mooney and Ryan Siegel-Stechler)


Just complete all four sections of the Creature Grid survey from last week! (There are four different links, be sure to click them all!)

Two weeks from now (due Monday June 18 at 7pm Pacific):


submitted by a bunch of people on twitter:  Design a dwarf that has no power or toughness that cares about precombat or postcombat main phase from a top-down Viking world with black-aligned gods/must be multi-colored, in the correct colors for a dwarf. (Editor's note: Seriously, Brad?)


Design a vanilla creature (no rules text), design a virtual vanilla creature (after the first turn, is effectively a vanilla creature), design a french vanilla (creature with only one or more key words, and no other abilites), and design a virtual french vanilla.

(edited)  I forgot to add a link to the styleguide pictures! We got two submissions:
 Here is one from Bill French.
 And here is the second one from James Gover.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 24 Notes

Hey there beaconeers!

First things first:  We have a new way to vote!  I made four separate surveys where you can vote for the creatures types that will be the main ones in Castmire.

The links are here:


Some notes:  I had to do four separate surveys because the service wants to charge if I do more than ten questions at a time.  Luckily, this time it's an easy fix, but we will have to be careful in the future to not have too many votes each time. Also, the Red and Green ones are together because green has no fliers and red has no small flyers, so it only takes up 8 spaces for both!

Next week's challenges (due Monday, June 4 at 7pm Pacific) :


Two colorless creatures that "partner with" each other.


A style guide for the plane. (Thanks to Jonanthan Woodward)

Two weeks from now (due Monday June 11 at 7pm Pacific):


Something silver-bordered that isn't dice rolling that uses twobrid for a good reason. (Thanks to Chris Mooney and Ryan Siegel-Stechler)


Just do the survey at the top of the page!


Here are renders of all the cards that were submitted for this week's wordbuilding challenge.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 23 notes

Hey there Beaconeers,

Design Challenges due on Monday, May 28th:

Host/Augment Challenge:
A Vehicle that works better in multiplayer

Worldbuilding Challenge:
Cycle of five rare legendary creatures that came into Castmire via the plane’s extraplanar portals, they don’t have to be mechanically or “planarly” linked.

Challenges due on Monday, June 4th:

Host/Augment Challenge:
Two creatures that each have "partenr with" for the other/ they must both be colorless.

Worldbuilding Challenge:
"Style guide" for the plane.  Send pictures along with descriptions.

Here's a link to the most recent worldbuilding challenge, the Creature Grid. I've left some spaces open for anyone to add their own creature grids for Castmire. Please don't erase anything that other folks have put in here.  I trust you all to be professional.

Our guest, Jonathan Woodward, sent us an email to pass along this Two Headed Giant draft variant for four players:

"Here is my explanation of how to run a full two-headed giant draft with just four players.

A common problem I have encountered is that drafting with fewer than eight players can really skew the drafting experience.  If there are only four players present, having only 12 packs to pick cards from means that the decks assembled often look very little like the decks that would be built from a 24 pack draft.  These drafting issues get even worse if the format of choice is 2HG, as four players normally only represents two teams.  However, there is a solution to this issue that works very smoothly for drafting 2HG with just four players.

Our four players are A, B, C, and D.  For the drafting portion of the event, each of these players represents an entire 2HG team (you can pretend they have imaginary partners seated beside them who don't offer any input).  Each player begins with six packs (or four packs of Battlebond) in front of him or her, and drafts a pool of cards from which to build two 2HG decks, the same as in a regular four team 2HG draft.  After drafting, each of the four players builds two decks from the cards they drafted - again, the same as a regular 2HG draft.

When deck construction is complete, it is now time to play player A's decks against those of the player who drafted on the opposite side of the table from him, player C.  Player B joins player A, and together they each play one of the A decks in a 2HG game against players C and D playing C's decks.  Let's say that the A decks beat the C decks.

The next game will be players B and C playing B's decks against players A and D playing D's decks.  Let's say that the B decks win.

In the third and final round of our single-elimination tournament, players A and C will play A's decks against players B and D with B's decks.

I've found this structure to work quite well.  One of the fun features of this method is that everyone gets an opportunity to play on a team with everyone else."

See you next time!


Monday, May 21, 2018

GDS3 Design Challenge 2: A Circus Act (for fun)

So, to keep up the trend, I'm doing all the GDS3 challenges in the limited time frame available before the real results are out.  The rules for design challenge 2 are here.

Here are my circus cards:

Some notes:

My mythics are a little weird, I know.

Lion Tamer seems a little out of color pie mechanically, but flavorfully, I believe it fits.  His control over the cats isn't magical as much as it is nature-oriented.  He befriends them instead of dominating their will. (He might actually be a Druid instead of a Shaman, now that I think about it.)

As for Tibalt, I think emblem manipulation is a fun mechanic that hasn't been explored yet.  There are some weird rules interactions that might need to be fudged, but I would say the ability is pretty grokkable.