Monday, February 6, 2012

Card of the Day - Reenlighten

Imagine a world where Disenchant wouldn't ruin your day.
Edit:  New mana cost.


  1. Interesting example of a card that wouldn't be drafted very high (depending on the set's enchantments) but would have multiple decks built around it in multiple formats (Hive Mind, Eldrazi Conscription, maybe even Dream Halls would use it.) This card teeters on the verge of being brokenly powerful depending on the meta.

  2. I agree. being able to turn 1 faithless looting, entomb, or careful study, discard a hive mind and cast this on turn 2 for the win is more than a bit to powerful.

    I am interested to see what the black and blue ones of the cycle do.

  3. You have to be careful with cards like this, they can be really broken. I think this card needs some cost adjustment or maybe some kind of restriction on mana cost or the permanent returned like raise the wicked. The former option is probably preferred due to keeping consistency with your cycle.

    1. I partially agree. Zombify is 3B, and at that cost it is balanced. That being said, it's generally easier to get creatures into your graveyard than enchantments, but it's also easier to get rid of creatures once they are on the battlefield. Let's change it to 2W.