Sunday, February 12, 2012

Card of the Day - Thar-chak

Ok, so there are a few things weird going on with this week's cycle.  First of all, it's Tribal, which is something Wizards has said that they aren't going to do much anymore.  Second, it's a colored artifact.  (Not that weird these days, but when I created this card it was.)  Third, WTF is a Skarren?!

Well, to answer your ever-so-well-put question:
The Skarren are a nomadic barbaric race from the Plane of Avadnu
One of their most prized weapons is the Thar-chak.  Which makes it better if one of them is wielding it.  I started making these cards about 8 years ago for my first set:  Violet Dawn.

The world was created by some friends of mine in the early 2000's and I latched on and made a ton of cards based on the world.  Enjoy the week!

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