Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Card of the Day - Buccaneer's Claim


  1. So I caught up on the last few days, and I gotta say - Maximize is not a mechanic I like. It's never going to perform 'optimally', so even drawing a Maximize card is going to create a feel-bad moment when the player realizes their Maximizing isn't going to be at its full potential. A mechanic that instigates feel-bad upon drawing a card is... difficult to justify.

  2. I really like this mechanic in a single set draft. This would be really good in something like Conspiracy; a small single set made for drafting. I see your point in how it could feel bad, but if you have even one other copy, the extra cost can sometimes be justified to get it out of your deck. Would a version where you only search out a single copy at a time a la Llanowar Sentinel be more suitable?