Friday, January 19, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 7 Notes

Hey everyone!

Thanks for checking out the notes for this week's podcast.  This week we had Reuben Covington as our guest, and he was great. You can find him on twitter @ReubenCovington, or you can find his Magic design podcast, Re-making Magic, at

He made an awesome video showing how test on Cockatrice.

This week's challenges are as follows:


The card must have art depicting four creatures, two of which are being hit by something bad.  The card must also be appealing for EDH/commander.  Card text and an art description are required.

Worldbuilding Challenge:

Design an equipment that fits into the world we are creating together.  The place is a spooky mansion in a 1930's noir setting.

Email your submissions to

Some more notes on the world:

The world will have four planeswalkers; Kaya (B/W), Dack (R/U), Tacatta (W/U), and an unnamed (as-of-yet) mono-green planeswalker.  Brad and I are working on a story to tie all these characters together, and we are excited to work with all of you to make this set cool and fun!

The mechanics (and the colors they are featured in) are as follows:

Haunt (GWR)
Shadow (BUG)
Investigate (RWU)
Detain (WBU)
Gates (RBG)

Doing them this way to start gives each color three mechanics to play with.

White has haunt, investigate, and detain
Blue has shadow, investigate, and detain
Black has shadow, detain, and gates
Red has haunt, investigate, and gates
Green has haunt, shadow, and gates

Keep in  mind that playtesting will be a big factor on the final designs and certain mechanics may leave if we find them to be un-fun.

One other mechanic we are playing with is  "free if you played another spell of this color this turn"  as featured on Patrician's Scorn, a card we are looking at reprinting in this set.

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