Friday, March 2, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 12 notes

Hey there Beaconeers!

This week's Host/Augment challenge is to make a White creature with a flavorful drawback/ it must have the word "Die" in its text box twice.

The worldbuilding challenge it create the green planeswalker on Castmire.  We've talked quite a bit about this planeswalker in past episodes, especially on the episode with Michelle.  We haven't quite nailed down what this planeswalker is, or what its abilites are. Let's fix that!

Last week's challenges were to make a cycle of commons that were set on Castmire, and to make a meld card with the three parts each being a different color.

Zefferal posted his cards on twitter.

I love the idea of making clues into actual spells. They help trigger things like Tireless Tracker, and are super flavorful. Here is his crack at the meld challenge:

Bradley Wilson submitted this cycle:

Keeping these abilities at sorcery speed is good for keeping complexity low at common. Plus, Butler creature type!  Co-Host Bradley had some cool submissions as well.  Here are his commons:

I like the investigatory feel of this version.  These are slightly changed due to the short conversation we had about them on the podcast.
Brad's meld:
Super cool theme.  I think the Guardian still needs a bit of reworking, but it's a great idea. Here's my common cycle:

I'm not super impressed by my work here.  These cards might be too strong and are probably too complicated for common. My meld cards, though, I'm pretty proud of.

Bonus card!

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