Friday, April 27, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 19 notes

Hey there Beaconeers,

We got some big stuff happening.

I've uploaded Version 1.0 of the Castmire set file here.  I don't know if you'll be able to download it or not, but i think it will work...

On to the challenges! 

Due Monday, April 30 at 7pm Pacific time:


A rare virtual vanilla creature/ white card advantage.


Uncommons! Make any number of uncommons for Castmire.  All will be added to the Master File and eventually, we will whittle them down.  We also need red commons, becasue no one has made those yet.

Due Monday, May 7 at 7pm Pacific time:


An uncommon sorcery with CMC 8 or greater/ must reference a creature type never seen before in Magic.


1. Rank the 5 mechanics of Castmire from 1 (your favorite) to 5 (your least favorite). Give an explanation if you like.

2. Submit a new mechanic replacing one those currently in Castmire, and explain why it is better.

 This worldbuilding challenge is going to affect the future of the set greatly.  There will be huge swaths of unusable cards when we decide what mechanic or mechanics to kill. 

Thanks for listening and submitting.  Castmire is everyone's baby, and we are all doing our best to make it as awesome as it can be. 

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