Sunday, July 15, 2012

Card of the Day - Yari Mizell, the Living Brain

It's Planeswalker week!  This guy can't really protect himself, but he can draw you a boatload of cards!


  1. I enjoy the fact that a brain exposed out in the open is reflected in the design of this planeswalker. I like how the drawing of cards is tied to the flavor of brains = knowledge. And a brain is vulnerable, which its 1 loyalty reflects.

    However, the black flavor seems to be represented mechanically in quite a weak fashion. You lose 2 life to draw a card and gain loyalty. How black. But why? Is he thinking really hard? Then why does the second ability differ? It just doesn't make sense to me. The final ability doesn't even feel black to me.

    So, I would have gone for a monoblue execution with a drawback of possible drawback of milling yourself in place of life loss. Or whatever else is appropriate for blue. There may even be a drawback removed (and the loyalty-gain adjusted accordingly).

    Otherwise, great planeswalker. =)

  2. Monoblue would work as well. The drawback could be mill 4 and draw one for +2 loyalty.