Sunday, July 1, 2012

Counter Production

One of the things I wanted in Frostmere was a counter theme.  A lot of blocks have used counters as a theme. A recent example is the Scars of Mirrodin block.

Since most of the plane is covered in ice, I thought Ice counters would be fun to play around with. They are a callback to a few rares from Coldsnap and one uncommon from Ice Age (which is being reprinted in Frostmere.)

We're going to be expanding on what Ice counters actually mean for the permanent that they are on.  Some cards love to be iced up.

For example:

The icier this guy gets, the more powerful he is.

Other cards punish other players for being Iced up.  This zombie turns all your ice counters into liabilities.

Here's a card that helps you if you're playing with ice counters, and can hinder the opponent if he or she is using them.

Using him in decks with other two preview cards makes him useful in different ways.  You can use him to pump up your Rime Wolf, or give counters to opposing creatures.  Best of all, he can be used to hold down an enemy for a long time.

This week's cards all deal with ice counters in some way. 

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