Monday, March 4, 2013

Card of the Day - Sentient Steam

I like that I used the Izzet and Boros hybrid mana in the cost of this card, but the only way to make it work the right way is to use the Azorius hybrid mana in the text box.  If you use this card in a mono-red deck, you can use him agressively.  If you use him in an Azorius deck, he's good at being defensive.  In an Izzet or Boros deck, you have a lot of options.


  1. Make it a weird and you're good as gold.

    1. It was originally one, but I changed it during the process. I decided to change it from a Soldier Weird (Weird Soldier?) because it's not "only" Izzet. Instead I gave it the more universal Elemental typing.