Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reexploring Grandeur

I wanted to explore the Grandeur ability a bit more ever since it appeared in Future Sight.  It has only appeared on Legendary Creatures so far, and only at rare.  I thought limited formats would appreciate Grandeur much more if it was stretched across all rarities, with special consideration for commons.

Here are examples of a common grandeur creature, an uncommon equipment, a rare land, and a mythic legendary creature (a bit of a throwback with a twist.)

 I don't want to make the common grandeur creatures too overpowered, but I wanted to keep them playable.

Uncommon is a good place to expand into other card types.  I chose an equipment here, but enchantments and non-equipment artifacts could both have interesting applications.  The grandeur ability is quite powerful on this card, and could be a blowout if one is lucky enough to get this card in multiples in any limited format.

 Here's a powerful land with grandeur.  This one should see play in lots of constructed formats.

Here's a splashy mythic with two cool abilities that work well together.

This week's cards are a cycle of common grandeur creatures.  Enjoy!


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