Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Card of the Day - Unquestioned Bargain

I got black enchantments on the brain, it seems.  Here's one that rewards you upfront, but takes a big payment later on.


  1. Makes me wonder if there would be any viability to a delayed echo mechanic. Or, maybe a suspended echo; pay cost, card (say an enchantment) takes effect, suspend in exile for 2/3 turns, pay higher cost, card takes effect again (either primary effect again, or secondary effect). Thoughts?

    1. How about this:
      When ~ enters that battlefield, draw 3 cards and put 3 delay counters on ~.
      At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a delay counter from ~.
      When the last delay counter is removed from ~, sacrifice it and discard your hand.

      Is that what you mean?

    2. I think that fits, but also on the last delay counter removal, caster can pay an extra cost to get an secondary effect, with slight to moderate drawback. By that formula, if enchantment ~ was black, on sacrifice would cause each player to discard 1 card; if red, ~ deals 2 damage to one target creature each player controls of that player's choosing; blue, each player bounces one target creature of their own choosing - etc.
      I can see the cost for both parts being fairly hefty since the effect would be so great, Legendary supertype? - possibly need something akin to the Epic mechanic where only one card of this type can be played per player, per game.
      I think it would add a bit of different strategy to individual games, but given the seeming power possibility, would need to be controlled, so use of it doesn't go berserk.
      Kind of busy this weekend, but I'll see if I can't mock something up.

  2. Just reread the sacrifice and discard your hand part, that would seem pretty reasonable.

  3. I like the card as is, though it might be too good.