Saturday, February 25, 2017

Card of the Day - Eternal Unrest

It's been a while since I did any real work on Frostmere, but now that Saturdays are full of flavor, I thought I would show off the Story Spotlight cards from that set.  Here is the beginning of the story of Frostmere:

In the secluded, frozen, peaceful plane of Frostmere, something has gone wrong. Those who have passed on just won't stay dead. Two days ago, the shambling forms of the previously living started coming home. They aren't bloodthirsty, but they are confused and easily angered. The dead who no longer have bodies wander through the streets of Tersh, the Crown City. Their wails are heard throughout the night, longing for the rest of their tortured souls.

King Micah looks out from his balcony, frowning. A day full of planning has left him weary. Half of the kingdom's soldiers needed to be deployed to Artoa, helping the people of the borderlands defend against the attacks of the wildlife. In such a small kingdom, half of the soldiers is only twenty men.

Suddenly, the King's advisor, Barlo speaks. He is standing in the doorway, hands folded.

"My Lord," he says, "a pigeon has arrived." 

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