Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 48 Notes

Hey there, Beaconeers!

We got a lot done this episode regarding Castmire. We talked about the color combinations, draft archetypes, and mechanics for each color.  Our first pass ended up with these pairings:

Haunt creatures (WBG)
Trespass spells (URB)
Startle (WRB)
Investigate (UWG)
Gates (URG)

UW: artifact matters or tempo (detain)
RU: artifact matters (red sacrifice, blue gets more)
RB: Startle Trespass
UR: Lands-matter gate/trespass?
UG: Colorless-matters? (gates+artifacts)
WB: Haunt + Startle = ???
WG: Haunt + Investigate = ??? defender matters value-creatures?
UB: Nightmares/horrors/value control?
RG: Ramp gates
BG: Haunt recursion
WR: (go wide?)

We are recording on Sunday this week, so the challenges will be due  on Sunday the 18th, by 8pm.

Our design challenges for next week are:
  • Design a white common that gains life, but without lifelink.
  • Design a black common that is a helpful aura.
  • Design a rare signpost card for one of the archetypes we talked about on the episode.

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