Thursday, March 9, 2017

Card of the Day - Common Knowledge

I was thinking about the card Telepathy today, and I was wondering why it didn't see more play. It's a powerful effect, especially against other blue mages.

I tweaked it to draw a card and reveal everyone's hands, but it didn't feel blue that way.

I thought about what other colors reveal hands, and couldn't come up with anything.

I thought about what color would want this the most, and came up with green. Green has an innate sense of the world that could be attributed to wisdom.

I made the card as it is and showed it to my wife.  She asked if there was any precedent for this sort of ability, and as I only remembered Telepathy, I decided to check Gatherer to see if any existed.

It took me a while, but I finally a found a card from a long time ago with the same cost and effect, minus the card draw. (Don't click the link until you guess!)

I smiled.

PS. Hollee is upset that this card is an Uncommon even though it's called Common Knowledge. Let me know what you think on the Facebook page, or tweet at me @madolaf.

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