Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Card of the Day - Jagged Prism

Okay so I missed a few days.  I've been really into this new format I've been developing. I call it SmashCube.

The rules are as follows:

Each player gets four (4) premade "packs", which they shuffle together and play a regular game of magic.  The packs can be picked in various ways, but I find that drafting is the most fun way to choose.

The packs have 15 cards, all of which are from the same set. Example:

I have 22 of these packs completed, and another 100 or so in various stages of completion.

One thing I've noticed when playing a deck that can be anywhere for 1 to 5 colors is that mana fixing is necessary. When I first started the format, I made a rule that anyone can spend two generic mana to get one mana of any color.  This idea expanded into making an emblem with that ability on it.

After playing a few games with that emblem, I found that it was rarely used. I did, however, like having the option of using it.  The idea expanded into making several different emblems with various abilities.

Now when I play, before we pick our packs, we get a random emblem or two from the pile of emblems that we put into our command zones before the beginning of the game. This is a totally arbitrary rule, but I think it's fun to make up some emblems and play with them.

The ones I've made so far would cost about a mana and be very tiny effects that will usually be minorly helpful. I made a few that were too strong, and I've changed them since.

Let me know what you think.  I'm also accepting pitches for emblems.  If I like your emblem, I will credit you on the card.  Thanks!

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