Monday, September 2, 2013

Card of the Day - War Tortoise

Armor was done already as Absorb on Lymph Sliver in Future Sight.  The flavor of armor that absorbs damage is something that hasn't been explored much in Magic, but I'd like to change that.  The Armor keyword will go well in a set that also includes Enrage.

EDIT! Changed it to combat damage and messed with his numbers a bit.


  1. From Future Sight Part II Podcast:

    MARK: It’s really, really, really fricking—Absorb 1 is really good. Like insanely—like we didn’t realize how good it was until we made a couple, and then we’re like “Oh, this is insanely good.” And that’s not even—you can start comboing with things, or like—

    MATT: Let’s say… you can’t be… let’s say if you have five toughness and you have Absorb 1, someone can’t shoot two spells at you to kill you.

    MARK: Right!

    MATT: They have to over—it has to be such overkill.

    MARK: Correct! Like we—I forget what size we had. Imagine, right, you have a 5/5. It’s like—two lightning bolts is not enough to kill you.

    MATT: Right. That sucks.

    MARK: You know. I’m not saying we’ll never—that’s why it’s in category two. But I do admit that it’s a developmental problem. And whenever I bring it up, like a couple times I said “What do you guys maybe think of absorb?” And Development always says… okay, I’m making a face that you can’t see on audio. But I’m—a grimace.