Saturday, September 28, 2013

Card of the Day - Werebear Empath

I changed the wording of Team Up slightly to make it more streamlined.  I think having a team of guys fighting together is cool.  It feels like a cross between Soulbond and Slivers.


  1. Team up! I had entertained the same mechanic in one of my old Red Site Wins articles. =)

    In this card's case, the concept of the card makes sense for rewarding the bear for losing its team members. But it feels odd to have the "team up" name for the mechanic that might encourage quite un-team-like gameplay to trigger its effect. Perhaps if you had an instant or something that had "empathy" in its title, it would feel just fine.

    1. You gave me the idea originally! Remember the Goblin Artisans thing with Mondombre? This is just a slight re-working of that.

      Also: I really like lurk (from your blog). It's a simpler version of Bestow. I like how we independently did basic cards, as well.