Sunday, March 23, 2014

Card of the Day - Craven Colossus


  1. way to expensive, likely pretty bad at 4R in current limited formats

    I think the best way is to have it be RRR where it rewards you getting mono-red and is ok to bad if you aren't, like Spire Barrage in Zendikar but a little more all in. Spire Barrage was a ok but 5-7th pick removal spell in a 2 color deck, but a 1st pick bomb in mono-red

    if you can cast this on turn 3/4 its strong but it gets weaker each turn after, leatherback baloth was a 4/5 for GGG that was only a star in mono-g and freq unplayable this a common so its weaker overall but archetype good

    1. Sometimes you just need filler cards. This is one of those times.