Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Card of the Day - Faerie Wood

Edit: I know that land under the NWO is supposed to tap for mana.  I just wanted to make something a little different. The Faerie Wood is an enchanted place, that's why it's a land.  Here's an updated version, with more landlike abilities. (I also added land as a trigger, because it just feels right.)


  1. definitely an enchantment, but not really a land. Also more of an intersection in R/G than G/U. Also, hybrid is a cost, not something you can produce (see Graven Cairns et. al. for templating)

  2. I like the update. Incidentally, lands needing to tap for mana is a design rule completely unrelated to NWO (which is solely concerned with reducing complexity at common). R&D have been cracking down on non mana lands concurrently, but NWO isn't why.