Friday, August 31, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 37 Notes

Challenges for Monday, September 3rd.

Cardcrafting Challenge:
  • Design a card with one line of rules text that references a new keyword ability called Squiffy and then define what that means with reminder text.
  • Credit to Goblin Lore Podcast (@GoblinLorePod) for suggestion
Castmire Worldbuilding Challenge:
Not all house plants are benign. Especially in Castmire.
  • Design a Plant creature named Oleander
  • Credit to Eric Williamson on Twitter (@Four2113)

New Challeneges for Monday, September 10th.

Cardcrafting Challenge:
  •  Cardcrafting Challenge
    • French vanilla creature with a combination of two evergreen/deciduous keywords we haven’t seen before in Magic, and they must not be a non-bo
    • Flying, reach
    • First strike, double strike
    • @luminumcan Alex Spalding

    Castmire Worldbuilding Challenge

    Black uncommon or uncommons that do one or more of the following things:
-x/-x to all creatures
create tokens
destroy creature
drain creature
drain player
exile creature
flying creature
lifelink creature
opp sacrifices a creature
return creature from graveyard

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