Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 38 Notes

Design Challenges Due for Next Week (Sept 10)

Cardcrafting challenge
  • French vanilla creature with a combination of two evergreen/deciduous keywords we haven’t seen before in Magic, and they must NOTE be a non-bo, like:
  • Flying, reach ← no 
  • First strike, double strike ← no
Castmire Worldbuilding Challenge:
  • Black uncommon or uncommons that do one or more of several different effects, which are listed on the blog - they include things like creature sacrifice, returning creatures from the graveyard, discard, etc.
Design Challenges Due for Two Episodes from Now (Sept 17)

Cardcrafting Challenge
  • Design a card that is fairy tale themed...
Castmire Worldbuilding Challenge
  • Design a noncreature rare (not mythic rare) depicting some aspect of love

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