Friday, May 11, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 21 notes

Hey there Beaconeers,

The votes are in are for the mechanic we remove from Castmire, and it turns out that Shadow is being removed.

Due on Monday the 14th:

Host + Augment Challenge
Design a card that uses exert, but not on a creature

Rules text must be exactly four sentences long.

Worldbuilding Challenge

What is the climax or aftermath of the story, and how do the characters play into it.

Barstoe, Dack, Tacatta, Kaya, Ashioc(?),

the yet unnamed green planeswalker are the characters that are set up so far. If you are not familiar with the story basics, old episodes have some information.

Due on Monday the 21st:

Host + Augment Challenge

HOST - An oversized command zone card (planar deck, archenemy deck, or marquee legendary of a Commander product)

AUGMENT - Have “numerical elegance” in some way (i.e. Cone of Flame, Griselbrand, Mitotic Slime, Demon of Death’s Gate)

Worldbuilding Challenge:

Suggestion from a listener below

Tribbles314 (from email)

Hey guys,

I have a suggestion for a worldbuilding challenge: a creature grid.

Maro describes the idea here: here's an example of a fan-made grid: a few people made grids, or even partial grids, you'll get a better idea which areas you'll struggle with later.

I'd suggest making a template, so that everyone's grid is submitted in the same order.

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