Monday, May 21, 2018

GDS3 Design Challenge 2: A Circus Act (for fun)

So, to keep up the trend, I'm doing all the GDS3 challenges in the limited time frame available before the real results are out.  The rules for design challenge 2 are here.

Here are my circus cards:

Some notes:

My mythics are a little weird, I know.

Lion Tamer seems a little out of color pie mechanically, but flavorfully, I believe it fits.  His control over the cats isn't magical as much as it is nature-oriented.  He befriends them instead of dominating their will. (He might actually be a Druid instead of a Shaman, now that I think about it.)

As for Tibalt, I think emblem manipulation is a fun mechanic that hasn't been explored yet.  There are some weird rules interactions that might need to be fudged, but I would say the ability is pretty grokkable.

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