Friday, June 8, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 25 Notes

Hey there Beaconeers!

This week's challenge (due Monday June 11 at 7pm Pacific):


Something silver-bordered that isn't dice rolling that uses twobrid for a good reason. (Thanks to Chris Mooney and Ryan Siegel-Stechler)


Just complete all four sections of the Creature Grid survey from last week! (There are four different links, be sure to click them all!)

Two weeks from now (due Monday June 18 at 7pm Pacific):


submitted by a bunch of people on twitter:  Design a dwarf that has no power or toughness that cares about precombat or postcombat main phase from a top-down Viking world with black-aligned gods/must be multi-colored, in the correct colors for a dwarf. (Editor's note: Seriously, Brad?)


Design a vanilla creature (no rules text), design a virtual vanilla creature (after the first turn, is effectively a vanilla creature), design a french vanilla (creature with only one or more key words, and no other abilites), and design a virtual french vanilla.

(edited)  I forgot to add a link to the styleguide pictures! We got two submissions:
 Here is one from Bill French.
 And here is the second one from James Gover.