Friday, June 15, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 26 Notes

Hey there Beaconeers,

Our creature grid is done! 

You can check out the final version here.

When designing creatures in the future, remember to stay within the creature grid as much as possible.  They are some exceptions, but moving forward, these are going to be the basic creature types we use a lot of.

I also forgot to post the style guide submissions from last week (sorry!) Check the bottom of last week's post for those links.


Due Monday, July 18 by 7pm Pacific time:

Host + Augment Challenge

    Multicolor Dwarf with no power or toughness that cares about precombat and/or postcombat main phases that is from a set that’s a top-down Viking world with black-aligned Gods.
- Can use only a portion of these, but more challenging, the more restrictions you decide to use

Castmire Worldbuilding Challenge:

    Design a vanilla creature, a virtual vanilla creature, and French vanilla creature, and a virtual French vanilla creature; all set in the world of Castmire.
- Haunt, investigate, and detain are the keywords we are using

Due Monday, July 25th by 7pm Pacific time:

Host + Augment

Host: Brad’s, using a suggestion from Twitter:
From Trevor Cashmore (@InanimateGames, of Goblin Artisans)
“A common non-Aura enchantment.”
Augment: Adam: Must cost only one mana

Castmire Worldbuilding Challenge:

Vote on the twist you want to see in Castmire here.

Here are the cards done by Rifken on the last episode. I changed some of them for clarity and rules interactions and added names, creatures types, etc for the incomplete ones. If you remember what challenges they are for, let us know!

Bonus!  Here's the full card that I did this week - with art!

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