Friday, July 13, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 30 Notes

 Hey there Beaconeers!

We just bought the domain (I'm not sure why I linked it, since it just brings you back here.) I just thought it would be easier to get people to look at the blog for the challenges.

Anyway, here are the challenges:

Challenges due Monday July 16:

Host/Augment: Design a creature of a creature type without an ability that most creatures of that type have.  It must be flavored as a sentient race.

Worldbuilding: Design up to three different cards, each based on a piece of flavor text that someone else submitted for the previous challenge.

Noted below --

 "It's either a mirror or a window. Either way, it's bad."

 "Finally," Ashiok whispered to themselves.

 Not every creak is the floorboards.

The cellar has been devoid of life of for decades, but that doesn't mean it is uninhabited.

Travelers who wander from the main rooms of Castmire Mansion often find themselves lost for days at a time.

No one ever thinks to leave the property. It never even crosses their minds.

James Gover (bobbbyyy)

“Damn Pixies”

I have a series describing The Courtyard

“In the Courtyard guests have high tea, sandwiches with the crusts off” W

“Gargoyles above the Courtyard watch, stalk, and stare” C

“The Courtyard has four walls, or more accurately, gates” L

“The Courtyard has shadows and the shadows have sinister types and the sinister types have blades and the blades have edges” B

“The gardens of the Courtyard provide a wilds within the walls” G

“Someone had to document The Courtyard” U

“The heat vents in The Courtyard provide warmth for tropical plants but have been known to cook unhappy wildlife” R

Challenges due July 23:

Host/Augment (hole filling edition): Design a green enchantment that is powerful enough to see playin Legacy without breaking standard.

Castmire Worldbuilding Challenge: Tell us one of the mysteries of the Manor, and three clues that help Tacatta or someone else discover it.

Thanks!  We hope to hear from you all soon. :)


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