Friday, July 27, 2018

Beacon of Creation Episode 32 Notes

Challenges due July 30:

Host/Augment: A black draw spell that doesn't make you sacrifice a permanent or lose life.

Castmire Worldbuilding challenge: Design a card named Red Herring

Challenges due August 6

Host/Augment: Design a card that mentions the term "commander"/must be colorless.

Castmire Worldbuilding challenge: Design any number of cards that are named for spooky mansion/ noir tropes. (eg: Bump in the Night, etc.)

Here are all the clues I promised:

From James Gover (bobbbyyy):

Not all the portals are closed….
There is one at the corner of a busy courtyard.
It is disguised as a thick door padlocked by Barstoe, who believes only he has a key and
 hence access.
The reality is otherwise. Other agents know of the portal and have other uses. Dark
 lurk-ers of the mansion pick the lock and use the portal for disposing if evidence,
 waste and occasionally bodies.
Dack has found the portal from the other side touching an artifact that come
 from Castmire which revealed the nature of the planar portal and the small mansion plane.
 Dack then followed the signature of the portal to Castmire to do Dack stuff.
Barstoe’s use for the portal was to syphon excess energy to provide lighting and
 heating for the mansion. When Ashiok arrived and started messing with things
 Barstoe’s portal became neglected and releasing sporadic energy.

This is where Taccatta’s investigation comes into it. And then the three clues.

  1. The door has two pairs of going in and one going out.
  2. The lights keep flickering and losing power.
  3. Barstoe’s office has a bunch of letters on the desk to his pen pal on the other 
    side of the portal. The clue art should feature things to provide small hints like
     glimpses of words from another plane.

Nich Grayson (@WUBRG):

* There is always a knife missing from the knife block in the kitchen. No matter how often kitchen staff replaces it, a knife will disappear.

* Occasionally, there appears a protoplasmic glowing bloody hand-print in the center of a door leading into to the old formal dining hall.

* Hidden beneath the wallpaper of the dining hall is an unfinished spiral-design of magic symbols carved into the wall. The wall weeps blood through the wallpaper no matter how often they try to wipe it up or paper over it. The weeping comes from these carved symbols.

Bradley Rose (@bradleyrose):

- Scream behind a random door in mansion at sundown each night
- Love letter written on attic floor
- Spice cabinet was destroyed


  1. Crainial Tap B
    Enchantment - Aura (C)
    Enchant creature you don't control
    When enchanted creature dies, you draw two cards.

    Red Herring 2WR
    Choose one:
    - All damage that would be dealt this turn to target creature you control by a source of your choice is dealt to another target creature instead.
    - You may choose new targets for target spell.

    1. Eh, instead of black bereavement:

      Council of Demons 2B
      Sorcery (C)
      Choose one:
      -Put the top two cards of your library into your graveyard then draw two cards, or
      -Draw two cards then put the top two cards of your library into your graveyard.

  2. Cranial Tap would have been right at home in the Magic Origins WB "enchantments matter" archetype. I like it.

    I think your Red Herring could have "choose one or both" language. Red/White is in desperate need of some card advantage, and letting you do both can lead to a nice 3-for-1 in some combat situations.

  3. Nice takes! Thanks for contributing. Self mill or a bonus from another creature dying. I like it.