Friday, January 27, 2012

The Color Identity of Snow - Lands

The Color Identity of Snow – Lands

This is going to be last blog post about the color identity of Snow.  We'll be exploring the most basic card type, lands. (See what I did there?)

Since the inception of Snow as a type, lands have played a big part in creating its identity. For many years, only lands had the power of snow. One of the first blog posts was the introduction of my Snow project, and I showed you this card:

 This was the basis for the whole set, and I've always wanted lands to be the centerpoint of Snow.  We are going to expand on lands with a few different cycles. Today I'm going to showcase a common, uncommon, and rare cycle of non-basic snow lands. There will most likely be more cycles of lands in the set, but these are all I've come up with so far. We'll start with common.

The common cycle lands don't produce mana, and they all get sacrificed after being used. I wanted the lands to feel like ice. Powerful and fragile. There are quite a few cards that deal with lands in this set. I wanted there to be many more lands than usual in Frostmere.

The uncommon cycle is next.

There are a cycle of allied color snow lands that have the abilty word Frigid. So far, I've only designed these lands with the ability, but I'm sure there is some design space to be found there. Good for mana fixing, especially combined with my first proposed rare lands.

This was my first take on the rare lands. A mixed fetch land that gets a single type of land untapped, or any snow land, tapped. After some thinking, I decided that these were taking up way too many rare slots, so I made it into a single, multipurpose card.

I still wanted a cycle of rare lands, so I made them filters.

The nice thing about these is that you can splash both the color this land provides and snow with these, as they transform all the filtered mana into snow mana.

There are other lands in the set, and most of them are snow. I wanted a lot of the identity of snow to be in the lands.

In other news, I may have promised a Snow Planeswalker last week, so here he is!

Next week, we'll veer away from snow and talk about a new mechanic and some designs based on it.

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