Sunday, January 1, 2012


Welcome to the Glossary!

This post is dedicated to defining terms that not all people may know.  Hopefully it will help any newer players understand some of the terminology used in Magic: the Gathering. 

Allied:  Two colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.  If you look at the back of any card, there are five colors in a circle.  Blue and White are next to each other, therefore they are allied. Red and White are across from each other, therefore they are enemy colors.

 EDH  -  Short for Elder Dragon Highlander, (Recently renamed to Commander),  a format where you may use any cards in the existence of Magic (with a few exceptions) to build a 99 card deck with one Legendary creature card on the side to be your General (Commander).  It's called Highlander because "there can be only one" of each card in your deck besides basic lands.

French Vanilla: A term used when a creature has only one ability. Plesiosaur is a french vanilla creature.

Hybrid: Able to be cast with more than one type of mana. For instance, today's card is a black/blue hybrid creature.

Supertype: A characteristic of a card that has rules attached to it.  The supertype of a card comes before the type of card. i.e. Basic Land, Legendary Artifact, Snow Creature, World Enchantment

Vanilla: A term used when a creature has no abilities.

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